Volunteer: Updated Information

Safety and security is a top priority at Prescott Elementary School. Beginning October 26, 2018 any parent, family member, or personal friend who accompanies a Prescott student on a field trip must be a Level III Volunteer.  The Lincoln Public Schools Security Department recommends this practice to help ensure the safety of students.  Level III Volunteers are approved to assume responsibility for Lincoln Public Schools students without a certified staff member present.  Before an individual can be approved to be a Level III Volunteer they must submit information for a national background check.  This national background check can take several days.

Click here to go to the LPS Volunteer Website. This practice ensures that if students come under the supervision of a volunteer absent a staff member, that the volunteer has Level III status.

The field trips our students attend are Lincoln Public Schools sponsored events; they are not family events.  Approved Level III Volunteers who have coordinated with school staff to attend a field trip therefore may not bring other family members on the field trip, including younger, non-school age children.

Finally, parents, family members, or personal friends who show up on Lincoln Public School field trips unannounced, and have not been approved for Level III Volunteer status, will not be allowed to participate in the field trip.  Individuals without Level III status can be with their child one-on-one, but they will not be allowed to join the Lincoln Public Schools group at any time.

Student safety is our top priority and we appreciate your understanding of these procedures. If you have questions, or would like additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

J.J. Wilkins
Prescott Elementary School